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Images begin 1871
Full indexing back to 1984
Prior to 1984 one grantor, one grantee, limited document types, and associated document numbers are indexed.
We continue to work on back indexing. We have less than 200 Torrens documents in the history of Cottonwood County. We have however done some back scanning to Document 47. This has a date of 1947.

RecordEASE Search Tips:
  • To perform a complete tract search you must search by BOTH name and then legal description.
  • In the results screen clicking on the plus (+) symbol will drop down all that documents information. You can view images of related documents from this field as well.
  • On the search screen there is a document group field where you can limit your search to a specific type of documents.
  • Tax ID # is not a reliable search.
  • To search for a specific outlot, type your outlot in the lots box. Or, if you want to see them all type in outlot. Be sure to put in your subdivision or search unplatted.
  • Banks, cities, state agencies will parse as entities.
  • File and card are found under book and page.
  • Plats: Select the document name of Plat. Click Search. Click on column heading grantors to sort alphabetically.
  • Searching Township and Tract indexes: Type Lot Book or Township Book in Document Name field.
  • Sheriff’s Certificates: Since these have always been indexed as John Doe, By Sheriff, they parse as entities and have to be searched that way. We suggest a wild card search of %doe%.

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